Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pampers Limited Edition Prints

To give moms and their babies the chance to stay stylish this summer, Pampers has teamed up with maternity designer and television personality, Rosie Pope, to release Limited Edition Prints diapers in fun, colorful prints for both boys and girls.

These fabulous diapers combine utility and aesthetics, so little ones can feel just as fashionable as they are comfortable in their biggest wardrobe staple, their diaper! The two playful boys prints feature argyle and toy cars, while the two chic girl designs incorporate flowers, polka dots and hearts.

"Pampers prides itself on being at the forefront of not only comfort and performance, but also style," commented Fama Francisco, General Manager of P&G Baby Care, North America. "A diaper is the foundation for your baby's wardrobe, so naturally we want it to be special. While performance always comes first, we know that design is also important. Pampers Limited Edition Prints combine form and function with stylish design suitable for this summer season."

Check out this video of Rosie Pope discussing the latest and greatest, summer trends for moms and babies.

What a perfect way to keep our kids just as fun and fashionable as their moms, as they bare nothing but their diapers in the summer heat.

These super cute designer diapers are available now in sizes 1 through 4 and will be on sale through the end of the summer. I’ll definitely be picking up a pack for my little guy!

** UPDATE ** Unfortunately these fabulous diapers are only available to our American friends. However, we know a lot of us Montrealers often head across the border to take advantage of the high Canadian dollar, and the low American prices, so you may want to add these Pampers to your list the next time you head down south this summer. :)