Saturday, June 11, 2011

No Mat Leave?

Both of us, here at Montreal Fashion Moms are currently on maternity leave, and we love it! To be able to spend a whole year with your baby is just the most fabulous and beyond lucky experience we could ever ask for. We know everyone has a different time frame they get off, but we think any time is better then none. Well, celeb mom Victoria Beckham does not feel the same way, at all! She recently spoke with UK Glamour magazine and had this to say, "Maternity leave? What’s that? I’ve been working incredibly hard so I’m prepared for next season," she continues, "Being a working mum is hard. I think women can relate to me when I say it’s like juggling glass balls.” I couldn't imagine skipping mat leave to get back to work, the thought wouldn't even compute in my mind. You only get this time with your baby once, so I want to soak it all in.

It's reported that Posh Spice and hunky David will welcome their 4th child, a daughter, by C-section on the American Independence Day, July 4th. We wish them a safe a happy delivery, and maybe after she sees her precious little daughter, she will re-considered a little time off.  Are you currently on mat leave? Can you wait to get back to work, or are you milking this time off for all it's worth? Let us know your thoughts!