Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Necessity Or Just A Pain?

Today I needed to make an emergency run to Wal-Mart as I was on my last package of wipes. I decided to stop by my moms to drop off Ki, because being in Wal-Mart with him stuck in car seat in the cart not only 1. takes up the entire space in the cart 2. he just looks so awkward and uncomfortable in there and 3. it just frazzles me to be in there with no help in case he freaks and I need to carry him with one hand while pushing the cart with the other, ugh not fun. As I was driving I was thinking (so nice to be alone sometimes lol, you can think!) I can't wait until he can sit in the cart all by himself sans car seat. I remember seeing, while I was pregnant, a cover that fits in the shopping cart to keep them germ free and occupied while you shop. I wasn't sure at the time if it was necessary, and now I'm thinking it would be pretty cool to have.

$19.99 at

I came across an article on that informed me that grocery cart seats are not only full of nasty germs and bacteria, but "according to researchers at the University of Arizona, shopping carts are dirtier than bathrooms, with fecal contamination and E. coli bacteria showing up on more than half of the carts sampled." EW! I will definitely be picking one of these up! Since I have a little boy, I will try and find this cute colorful Infantino one (above) but isn't this chocolate colored one (below) absolutely fab?

Buy on Etsy, $60

Do you think cart covers are necessary or just a hassle?