Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Girl Falls Out Of Apartment Window!

I just read the most horrifying story on the New York Post website. 14-month-old Xania Angel Samuels tumbled out the window of her family's fifth-floor Bronx apartment and survived. By insisting on wearing her favorite pink winter coat on the hottest day of the year, her family believes the poofy jacket may have protected the baby by adding some cushion to the fall. Unbelievable! This poor baby girl was rushed to the hospital with head trauma. Her father said "It just may have broken her fall, because she is so little, just a baby". I can't see what her status is right now, but according to the site she was in critical condition and doctors were hopeful that she would make it.

Click here to read the full story. I can't even imagine how I would feel if this was my own child. Child proofing your house is an absolute necessity! Especially when it comes to windows and patio doors. Babies are quick and anything can happen in a blink of eye. We wish Xania a speedy recovery. My heart aches just thinking of her and this avoidable situation.

Click here to see some really good child proofing articles. Better to be safe then sorry!