Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drama in the PMS Deptartment!

This is probably my hormones taking over, but I am having a seriously tough week and feel the need to share with you all! Maybe it's just me, but my PMS has me all out of whack and is literally turning me upside down. Has your PMS become worse since having a baby? Mine definitely has! Gone are the days when I could spend a few hours vegged out on the couch eating Heavenly Hash ice cream watching Sex & the City re-runs. LOL. Now I am a mom, and you don't get a break from that. These past couple of days I am feeling super duper exhausted, all I want to do is sleep and sleep and sleep, but I can't, obviously. I am still on top of my mom game but I seriously roll my eyes a hundred times a day (I'm surprised they haven't got stuck up there yet, lol), I find myself crying watching episodes of Supernany (really??), everything seems to really get under my skin and boy did that guy from Bell really get an ear full from me yesterday. And don't get me started on my poor boyfriend (sorry boo!!)! Ugh.

Lol, dramatic but it's exactly how I felt these past few days

Moms, I am asking you, do you ever feel this way during PMS or am I highly over dramatic? I need some tips on how to perk myself up, get motivated and not let this week (+ future weeks) and exhaustion keep me down in the dumps. Any advice is welcome! Help me turn my frown upside down.