Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rachel Zoe on Motherhood & Baby Boy Fashion

New mama, stylist, Rachel Zoe spares no expense when it comes to dressing her four-month-old son Skyler Morrison, in the latest designer fashions.  But what mom wouldn’t do for her child, what she would do for herself? Plus some!
Proud new mom, Rachel Zoe & son Skyler

On Wednesday, the 39-year-old fashion mom appeared in an interview with Juju Chang on ABC’s Nightline, where she gave a tour of her son’s luxurious nursery and walk-in closet. Rachel showed off Baby Skyler’s already extensive shoe collection that includes Tod’s loafers ,Gucci trainers and Hermes boots. The item Rachel was coveting the most was an adorable brown Gucci bomber jacket. She also showed off some cute knit Missoni sweaters gifted to her by her friend, Margherita Missoni. She recently told Popsugar, "The Missoni sweater on him — you have no idea — it melts my heart! And he sits in his little Missoni stroller with the Missoni blanket. I'm a Missoni lover."

Skyler's red carpet debut in his Missoni cardigan

Pretty over the top, yes. But do you really expect anything less from fashion obsessed Rachel Zoe?

In the Nightline interview, Zoe even reveals that she’s expanding her fashion empire. The stylist who has a women’s collection coming out this fall, and a QVC line that she launched earlier this year, announces that she’s also working on a children’s clothing line.

“it’s just so intriguing to me right now because dressing my son is the highlight of my day. In the morning it’s just so much fun ,” Zoe said of working on a kids collection.

Rachel says that the collection will focus strongly on boys clothing, since she feels like there just aren’t enough cute options for boys out there. I have to say, I agree with her on that one. I love dressing my son, and its true there aren’t a ton of great options for boys out there - at least not as many as for girls.

Check out this video to see the whole segment of Nightline with fashion mom Rachel Zoe.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oprah Winfrey Network Looking for MTL Families

Attention Montreal Families – Oprah wants YOU!

Oprah’s OWN network is currently asking Montreal families to share their stories on ‘typical’ Canadian family life, here in Montreal.

They want to know how Canadian life differs from American life, asking questions like, “How is your daily routine different from a typical Americans? Are there customs or traditions you follow that are unique to your family, Montreal or Canada? Does your family speak French at the dinner table? Are you a hockey fanatic? How is Montreal different from say life in Cleveland, Ohio?”

Visit here to fill out the form and submit your input, and then who knows, maybe you’ll be the next star on OWN!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Gaga Goo Goo – Lady Gaga Baby Wear

Check out this hilarious Lady Gaga self-parody video from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live show. In the video, Gaga introduces her fictional baby wear line “Gaga Goo Goo”. All the tots are sporting looks inspired by outfits made famous by Gaga herself, like the Alexander McQueen, Kermit the frog dress, little meat dresses and more.  Too cute!

Love when celebs can have fun and joke around about themselves. Halloween costumes anyone? lol

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Action To Protect Children from Harmful Products

The Canadian Government is taking action to protect our children from potential cadmium poisoning by proposing new guidelines regarding the amount of cadmium allowed to be found in children's jewelry.

Cadmium is a toxic chemical that can be harmful when ingested. While there is no known risk to health from simply wearing jewelry made with high levels of cadmium; for children, accidental ingestion, or prolonged licking and sucking, of these products can cause the metal poisoning and render your child very ill. I’ve seen many children sucking on their necklaces and pendants, so I can see how this can pose a potential threat to our children’s health. This is why Health Canada proposes to amend their current guidelines to have the cadmium concentration in children's jewelry lowered to 130 parts per million (0.013%), which is believed to be a safe amount.

"Parents want the products they buy for their children to be safe", said Pamela Fuselli, Executive Director at Safe Kids Canada. "Young children explore their world through touch and taste, so guidelines like this ensure products children use often will be safer."

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

In February 2010, an entire line of Wal-Mart exclusive Miley Cyrus jewelry was found to contain high levels cadmium and on June 4 the same year, cadmium was detected in the paint used on promotional drinking glasses for the movie Shrek Forever After, sold by McDonald's Restaurants. This triggered a massive recall of 12 million glasses throughout the United States and Canada.

Health Canada encourages anyone involved in the import, manufacture or sale of children's jewelry to take all necessary precautions to ensure that their products are safe for Canadian children.

Good to know that the government is taking some of the necessary steps to protect our children. For more information visit Health Canada.

I Just Can't Get Enough!

I seriously can't get enough of this family. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are too hot for words, but baby Flynn blows them both out of the water! He is soooo freaking adorable, my heart melts every time I see him. Just look at that smile... love!

 Here they are arriving in Sydney, Australia
This is Flynn's first trip down under and the almost 7 month old looked baby chic in a striped onesie with a fabulous accessory, his mom :). He sure looks excited to be in his mamas homeland!

Photo: Flynet

Congrats to Selma! Finally

As we just mentioned, Selma Blair looked like she was ready to pop. With her due date more then 3 weeks ago, Selma finally gave birth on Monday to a baby boy named Arthur Saint Bleick. The newborn weighed in at 7 lbs., 12 oz., which is surprising because her belly was huuuuge lol! Congrats to the new parents, we wish them all the best!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Knox, Viv and Angelina at the movies

Take a look at this super cute photo of Angelina Jolie and her twins Knox and Vivienne. The 3 year old twosome and their famous mama hit up the movie theater for a Friday screening of Cars 2 in London. They are so big now! Vivienne looks so adorable in her pink floral dress and Knox couldn't be any cooler in those shades! And wow oh wow doesn't Viv look just like a mini Brad? Adorable.

Photo: Splash News Online

Way Overdue!

I cannot believe Selma Blair is still pregnant! The gorgeous actress was seen taking a stroll with baby daddy Jason Blieck and their little pup on Saturday. She was apparently due on the 4th of July, which would make her about 1 month overdue... is that even allowed? LOL! My son was 10 days late and I was ready to pop him out, but Selma looks cool, calm and collected! The fashionable mom-to-be has been looking so cute throughout her entire pregnancy, right down to the last days (hopefully!). I love how she still has the energy to throw on some fab accessories like the aviators and Chanel necklace.

Montreal Fashion Moms are wishing Selma a safe, happy and healthy delivery, which will hopefully come sooner rather then later for her sake, lol.

Photo: Fame

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Katy Perry - Smurf Style

Today, Katy Perry and co-stars, rocked the blue carpet at the world premiere of The Smurfs at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City.

  Glee's Jayma Mays, Katy Perry and Modern Family's Sophia Vergara

The quirky singer who voices Smurfette in the movie, made it clear who the real star is with the famous lady smurf adorned in crystals on her corseted, white dress, custom-made by The Blonds. She topped off the themed look (her signature) with blue smokey eyes, matching Louboutin pumps and her newly blonde locks, which may be going back to her roots (Katy is a natural blonde), or perhaps she was inspired by her character in the film. After all, Smurfette was recently Harper Bazaar’s new fashion ‘it’ girl!

Katy even accessorized with a smurf manicure! “Smurf nails! Duh!” she tweeted.

As childhood fans of the 1980s animated tv series, Montreal Fashion Moms is excited to check out the latest installment of The Smurfs. The family-friendly film hits theatres on Friday, July 29th.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alicia Keys & Baby Egypt Swimming in Miami

Yesterday I mentioned how much I love swimming with my son, and it looks like new mommy Alicia Keys feels the same way. Here she is (looking mighty fabulous in that teeny bikini I might add) taking a dip with her ADORABLE son Egypt. The two splashed around in a pool in Miami and it looks like they had a blast. It's so nice to see a celebrity mama spending quality time (and smooches) with her baby sans a nanny/entourage. And how cute is Egypt in those Burberry swim trunks?? Love it!

Photo: Popsugar

12yo Fashion Designer Aspires to Dress Mrs Obama

Wow! Check out this amazing young fashion designer, Grant Mower, from Flower Mound, Texas, who aspires to dress First Lady, Michelle Obama.

At just 12 years old, this talented young man loves to design, sketch and sew womenswear and has even won a local fashion competition beating out high school and college design students.

Photo: Elizabeth Lavin

Inspired by his favorites, Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino, Grant’s dream is to dress the most high-profile women, which is why he headed to Park City, Utah, to try and schedule a fitting with Michelle Obama while she’s in town for a presidential fundraiser.

If Grant is successful on his mission, and Mrs. Obama accepts his design, she can potentially sky-rocket his career as she did with 26-year-old designer Jason Wu, when she wore his dress to President Obama’s inauguration ball.
Mower's winning design

While Grant sometimes gets teased and bullied by other kids for wanting to be a fashion designer, He simply brushes it off, because he really doesn’t care, and is passionate about what he does. 

“Clothes are what you wear; fashion is who you are,” he says.

Fashion Illustration by Grant Mower

This kid has an amazing attitude, and so do his mother, Moanna Mower and aunt, Shanon Barton, who encourage him to follow his dreams and do what truly makes him happy. 

“He’s so happy, he’s so happy when he’s designing. He’s who he really is when he gets to do things like this.” says his aunt.

We wish Grant all the luck in the world when approaching Michelle Obama with his designs. With a determined, inspirational young man like Grant, we can’t imagine the First Lady would say no.

Video Courtesy of

Pool Time

These past few days it's been scorching hot around the country. Yesterday I took my son to a local pool and we splashed around for a couple of hours. He is only 6months and my little booboo loves the water! Ki had a lot of fun in the baby pool, and when I got bored I took him into the big pool. He loves to be dunked (his face is priceless when he comes back up), sprayed in the face and especially loves splashing and I couldn't be happier. I love the water myself, and glad he loves the water as much as I do. I have brought him in the shower with me since he was two weeks old, so I am guessing that's why he doesn't mind his face getting wet. As mentioned on Lilsugar, "Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under 19 years old. Teaching your tot to swim as early as possible can increase their confidence in the pool and reduce their chances of drowning". I can't wait to get Kion into some swimming lessons, seeing him jump into the pool and propelling himself across the water.

I will definitely be visiting the pool quite often in the next few weeks, it doesn't seem like this heat is gonna cool down any time soon! How early did you bring your baby into the water? Did they love it or hate it? Share your thoughts with us!

Health Canada Suspects Tampering with Materna Prenatal Vitamins

Yesterday, Health Canada sent out an advisory, warning pregnant woman in Canada, to verify their Centrum Materna prenatal vitamins, and its packaging carefully before purchasing, as tampering is suspected.

One bottle of the prenatal multivitamin at Shopper’s Drug Mart in Winnipeg, Manitoba has been found to contain unidentified capsules instead of the proper Materna multivitamins, which are pink, oval-shaped tablets. The box was sealed, however the seal on the bottle itself had been removed.

Here are photos of what the Materna multivitamins should look like, as well as its protective packaging. If you find the seal of the product open, or you find capsules in the bottle instead of the pink tablets, do not use the product, and report it to Health Canada immediately. If you are unsure, consult your pharmacist.


While at this time, this is the only incident of its type involving Centrum Materna multivitamins (and hopefully the last), Health Canada is working with Pfizer and Shopper’s DrugMart to investigate the incident and will update Canadians with new information as it emerges.

If you currently use this product, especially in Winnipeg, Manitoba, please be extra vigilant while purchasing. We take these multivitamins to ensure health and strength in our babies, not to harm them. The fact that anyone would even consider tampering with them is disgusting, and we hope this remains the only case. 

For more information, visit the Health Canada website.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jenny McCarthy's 211lbs Pregnancy

Not all celeb moms stay thin while pregnant, like Selma Blair. Some actually pack on a few pounds elsewhere on their body, besides their belly, and are not afraid to admit it.

Today, Jenny McCarthy tweeted, what some would call a 'shocking' pic of herself while she was pregnant with her son Evan in 2002. “For anyone that doubted my 211 lbs at pregnancy here is a photo I found! Meaty meaty ass! Whoa!” she tweeted.

The now, super svelte mama, who reportedly gained around 60 pounds during her pregnancy, credits Weight Watchers in assisting her to shed the extra pounds.

Nice to see that unlike some celeb moms, Jenny can be just a normal woman who put on a lot of weight during her pregnancy, like most of us. Kinda makes me feel just a little better, though almost 9 months later, I still have some post pregnancy pounds to shed.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Celebrity Mom Quote - Katie Holmes

“As parents you try every day, but it’s still all a mystery. You’re learning on the job. You love that person so much that you don’t want to screw it up.” ~ Katie Holmes in the August issue of Vogue Spain

Montreal Just for Laughs Festival - Mom Com

"Hey moms out there. Your let your kids live in you for 9 months rent-free. You pushed your kids out like a Pez dispenser into this world. You raised them and let them live at home until they were 35. You somehow put up with all of their complaining, BS, and are always there for them even when they're a schmuck. It’s time for the moms of the world to speak up, unite in laughter, and gab about everything MOM related!" - Just for Laughs

As we've mentioned over and over, Montreal is FULL of fabulous summer events, and the Just For Laughs Festival is one of them. The Festival that recently kicked off their street art performances with the Pinkarnaval Parade runs through the end of July and hosts tons of amazing comedians including Russell Peters, Craig Ferguson, Eddie Izzard and many more, all ready to make you fall on the floor laughing.

One noteworthy, upcoming show, perfect for all our Montreal Fashion Mom readers is Mom Com, and just as the name suggests, it is a comedy show especially for moms. Hosted by Montreal’s own Caroline Rhea, the Mom Com show features of a group of comedians including Bob Marley (no, not that one - obviously lol), Tammy Pescatelli, Leanne Morgan, Paula Bel and Fiona O'Loughlin, who will all share what is sure to be hilarious, honest stories and jokes about all things mom. These comedians will say what you've been thinking, but have been too afraid to actually express out loud. You know that saying, it’s funny cause its true? Well, we're thinking that will probably apply with this show.

I think it’s time to grab a few friends and have a moms night out to check out Mom Com and share a good laugh. It is showing in Théâtre Jean-Duceppe at Place des Arts on July 29th and 30th. There are also tons of other great shows to check out, and lots of free events, perfect for the whole family! Visit the Just For Laughs Festival website for scheduling and tickets at

After all, laughter is the best medicine!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'll Tumble For Ya

One of my biggest fears, post pregnancy, is falling while holding my son. Because of this fear I make sure to wear reasonable shoes just in case. Well today, I was put to the test... As I exited the elevator at Fairview Mall, while holding my son, I slipped on some water and fell down. It was so surreal. I recall feeling the slippery surface under my foot and a flash of my sons face come to my mind within milliseconds. I knew I couldn't fall backwards because that would hurt the both of us, so I contorted my body in such a way, I can't even explain, and cradled Kion's head in my chest and went down on my right knee and hip. I know it all happened so fast, but when I was going down it was slow motion. It's so funny how your motherly instincts kick in and you will do anything to protect your baby. I definitely took the brute of the fall, and walked away with a banged up, aching knee and a sore back. It felt a little reminiscent of Britney taking a tumble with her first son, except well I am not Britney, no one was there to catch me and I wasn't wearing heels lol. I am just glad my son is ok and I take my bruised knee as a badge of mommy honor.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update: Necessity Or Just A Pain?

About a month ago, I posted on whether shopping cart covers were worth buying or just a pain in the you know what. Well I went with my own judgement and bought an Infantino one from Babies R Us. It was $30 and it features cute toys like a milk carton, apple and a farmer's food basket. It even has pockets on the back side for bottles or whatever and a pea pod back pillow, lol. This shopping cart cover can be used as a tummy time mat and a high chair cover for when you're at a restaurant. I won't be using it as a tummy mat (it will be in my trunk, ready to go at all times) but I like the idea of bringing it along to a restaurant, although it would get pretty dirty, pretty fast. Thankfully it's machine washable. I tested it out today at the grocery store and it was pretty easy to fit into the cart. The only "difficult" part was putting the safety strap through the metal bars in the seat and around Ki. I am sure the more I use it, the better I'll get at it. Ki was distracted and completely occupied by all the new toys, and that back pillow is great added comfort. I mean would you want to sit in a seat made of metal bars? Didn't think so! After all the groceries were put away, I simply rolled up the cover, fastened the velcro straps to keep it closed and put it in my truck. I would reccommend this item, buy it as a gift for someone and purchase again for my next child. I think it is definetly worth the money.

Product Review - My Pal Scout by LeapFrog

I was given the opportunity, by the wonderful people at LeapFrog, to review My Pal Scout. Well not me, my son haha. The cute, cuddly super soft puppy is geared for babies and young toddlers between the ages of 6-36 months. LeapFrog is a leading toy company that is known for their interactive and educational toys, which is what every parent wants for their little one.

This little pup is way more then a cuddly friend. Scout connects to your computer so you can personalize him to know your child's name (it features a massive name list, and even had Kion's name, which isn't very common and surprised me) and his/her fave animal, color and food! You are also able to chose from a range of 30 lullaby's and fun songs, which even include Christmas songs! Perfect for the holiday season. When your child presses one of the pup's paws Scout will teach your young one things like daily routines, feelings and emotions, early number sense, first words, animals and even sings a song spelling out their name. And Scout's voice is super cute, not at all annoying like some toys. They even have a version for little girls, her name is Violet. This would be a great gift for a newborn or even a first birthday and at $24.99 it is totally worth it! So worth it, Joanna bought one for Jagger so he can join in on the fun too!

At first I thought Kion was a little too young to understand it, but he loves Scout's voice and Ki's face lights up when he says his name. I leave it in his crib so when he wakes up from a nap his pal is right there with him. He snuggles him, throws him around and presses his paws to hear all the different songs and games. I can see him getting to love Scout more and more as he gets older. And the great thing is, when he (or me) is bored with the songs you just have to connect it to the computer and choose new songs and when his pallet gets more developed, I can also change/add in his current fave food like sweet potato or peas (it currently says milk, lol). My Pal Scout is a really great, interactive toy. I love him and so does Kion.

Click here to see more of Scout's details, and stay tuned for an upcoming LeapFrog giveaway on Montreal Fashion Moms.

* Please note I was not monetarily compensated or influenced by the sponsor for this review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Mom Advice from Nicole Richie's Friend Kelly Sawyer

Last month, fashion mom, Nicole Richie, opened her blog up to a Q&A session with her good friend, Kelly Sawyer-Patricof, to offer moms a chance to ask for her advice.

“You can consult all the experts in the world, but the opinions you value most are the ones that belong to your friends.” Nicole expressed. 

When pregnant with her first child, Nicole felt a little unprepared as a young, first time mom. She read all the books, but the transition to motherhood seemed out of reach, and she was feeling overwhelmed. That’s when she turned to her friend Kelly, who seemed to manage it all. 

“Kelly is one of those great women who seem to take the juggling act of motherhood, marriage, and work in stride — while wearing 5-inch heels and drinking a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.” She wrote.

As a working mom of 2, creative director of fashion boutique Satine’s Private Label, and co-president of Baby2Baby charity (as seen in our previous post – Fashion Moms Unite for a Good Cause), Kelly was the ideal person to ask for advice, and Nicole wanted to share that with her fans as well. So we submitted a question on behalf of Montreal Fashion Moms. Check out what advice Kelly had to share us!

Dear Kelly,
Could you give us and our readers some tips on how to balance work and family life, and how to stay fabulous and fashionable while keeping up with everyone’s hectic schedules.
Joanna & Yussie

Dear Joanna and Yussie,
It’s definitely a tough balance, and some days you want to throw your hands up in the air and scream. That being said, I definitely have some tips. Both Nicole and I are very schedule-oriented. Our kids wake up at 7, nap from 12:30 to 2:30, and go to bed at 7. Not only is it great for the kids because they feel secure in their routine. It’s also great for us to know when we’ll have free time. In the beginning, when I wasn’t working, I knew I had two hours in the middle of my day when I could work out, schedule an appointment, or have lunch with a girlfriend. Getting your children on a sleep schedule, where you know your mom time ends and your grown-up time starts at 7, keeps you sane. There’s always going to be guilt that you’re not spending enough time with your children because you’re working too much – or letting your work slide because of the kids. You just have to have the attitude that you’re doing the best you can, and enjoy the time you get to spend with your kids.

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you aren’t still fashionable, fun, and allowed to do your own thing sometimes. After the kids’ bedtime I still look at fashion magazines and fashion blogs, shop on-line and keep up with what’s going on. Plus, Nicole and I have been on a few mommy trips without our kids to London and Paris. (We leave the dads in charge at home. They need some kid time, too!) You come back feeling so refreshed and happy to be back with your kids, and so glad you had a few days alone to recharge.


Thanks to Kelly for all the great advice, and to Nicole for providing the avenue to ask. Hope you all can take something away from Kelly’s helpful advice on how to manage work and family life all while remaining a fabulous, fashionable mom.

Check out Nicole’s official website blog here (part 1) and here (part 2), to see what other advice Kelly had to share with fans.

Looking for some relationship advice as well? Nicole and brother-in-law Benji Madden are no experts, but they are taking questions now to share their advice too.

Kute New Kardashian Nail Polish Kollection

If you know me, you know I love me some Kardashians! Why, I can't really explain, I just do lol. The Kardashian clan is every where these days, and seem to be on a mission to attach their famous name to any product they can. Last week the family launched a new nail polish collection which will be out for the 2011 Holiday season. There are 14 glam shades, all of which are inspired by sisters Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall and mom Kris. The Nicole by OPI's partnership with the fabulous family is dubbed Kardashian Kolors and is pretty fabulous.  

Khloe wrote on her blog earlier this week "I’m in love with every single kolor from our collection — can’t wait to share them all with you! I’ve included one of my colors in the gallery and one of Kourt’s. Mine is called Khloé Had a Little Lam-Lam and Kourtney’s is called Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi. YAY!" Lol. Some other kute names are Kim-pletely in Love, Wear Something Spar-Kylie, Sealed with a Kris, Follow Me on Glitter and my fave Hard Kourt Fashionista which a gorgeous rich deep dark brown shade, perfect for fall.

Will you be picking up a nail polish from the Kardashian Kolors line? I know I will :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gwen Stefani Designs Kids Clothes for Target

Fab fashion Mom, Gwen Stefani announced today that she will be the next designer taking her talent to Target, but this time she's designing for kids!

The Harajuku Mini line is an affordable collection for babies, kids and tweens, ranging in price from $3.99 to $29.99 and will be available in Target stores on November 13th, with a second installment in January. Exciting!

“Harajuku Mini is a dream come true,” Stefani, told WWD. “I’ve always wanted to do a cool children’s fashion line inspired by the supercute and playful kid’s clothing you find in Japan.”
With two extremely fashion forward boys, Kingston, 5, and Zuma, 2, it was only a matter of time before mom Gwen branched out into children's clothes. 

“Target has given me the creative freedom to design kid’s clothing that is different than most anything you usually see out there with great quality, attention to detail and most of all, available at amazing prices,” Stefani said “it is about being creative, expressing your own individuality and having fun getting dressed.” 
Seems everyone from Lanvin to Versace is designing for children these days, but with Harajuku Mini, we can finally get our hands on some designer duds for our kids at reasonable prices that we can actually afford! Cant wait to see the full collection.