Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally, You Can Play With Your Food!

Finally you can give your kids the go ahead to play with their food! Yay! We came across this cute snack recipe on the Canadian Family site. It's Ernie and Bert as an edible, adorable and best of all, healthy snack. Yummy! The recipe is from this amazing blog, Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons.

Mommy Jill showcases "a collection of silly snacks, fun food ideas, & recipes that are created with my little boys". Could that be any more cute?? We love the idea of getting boys kitchen friendly and couldn't think a more fun way then let them help, and be apart of creating fun food! You can learn to make "ice cream" for breakfast or have your little ones munch on some yummy panda burgers for dinner! Be sure to check out Jill's blog, maybe she'll inspire your inner creative chef! 
Ice Cream for Breakfast

Panda Burgers