Monday, June 27, 2011

Fresh Summer Deals!

Yesterday I stopped by Maxi to pick up a few groceries (it was their 2$ sale!) and ended up in the Joe Fresh section looking at clothes for my son. He is almost 6 months, and just about to burst out of his clothes (size 3-6months). I have been lucky thus far, most of his clothing up until now have been gifts and I have rarely had to buy him anything, with the exception of his bathing suits and a cute outfit here and there. I have been telling my boyfriend that we will have to drop a bill or two soon to complete his summer wardrobe. But why drop that type of money when you can get perfectly good/cute summer outfits for less the $5 a set? Yep, that's right, less then $5 a set!

I stumbled across this deal yesterday, and to be honest they aren't the most adorable outfits, but hey they work! They are boyish, good quality and interchangeable. I now have 4 pairs of cotton shorts and t-shirt's that I can mix and match, you can't go wrong with that!

I also picked up some pyjama pants, 2 for $4 and a pack of 5 adorable dino onesies for $7. Not too bad if you ask me! They also had other great items, like bathing suit shorts,  cargo pants, jeans and the list goes on. So moms, if you're looking to add some easy breezy summer outfits to your son's wardrobe I'd head over to Joe Fresh for some amazing deals! :)