Saturday, June 11, 2011

Girls Night Out

Last night we enjoyed our first official girls night out, since giving birth to our sons, and we had a blast!

Yussie & Joanna

We started the evening off with dinner and drinks at Baton Rouge - delicious burgers and even more delicious sangria! It’s always nice to enjoy a good meal and a few drinks with friends.

We then headed over to the Bell Centre for the Rihanna concert. We are huge Rihanna fans so it was the perfect occasion for our girls night out.

Rapper, J Cole started out the night with a couple songs; he was good! His DJ was also on display and definitely impressed the crowd with his skills as well. Cee Lo was also supposed to open for Rihanna, but unfortunately his plane didn’t make it in to Montreal on time.

J Cole

Rihanna finally took the stage after much anticipation and rocked the show! She was looking fabulous as always and sang a good mix of old and new songs. She even went down into the crowd to greet her fans a few times, which we always appreciate.

Our only disappointment was that Drake did not show up and share the stage with Rihanna for a few songs. We were all expecting him, since he was in town for the grand prix, and had taken the stage with Rihanna a couple days before in Toronto.

Otherwise, we had a fabulous time! It was so great to get out with all the girls again. It’s so important to take time out from our busy family schedules to spend some good quality time with our girlfriends.

How do you spend time with your girlfriends? Do you have regularly scheduled girls nights out? Let us know what you do for fun with your friends!