Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Follow Up

Now that the day has passed, we hope that all of our readers (you!) shared a special Father's Day! We had a lovely day with our significant others and our families, we were so lucky it was such a gorgeous sunny day here, in Montreal. All over the Internet today were pictures of how celebrity families spent their day, so we decided to share with you, three of our fave celeb families out and about on Dad's Day.

Neil Patrick Harris and partner David took a stroll on their way to dinner with cuties Gideon and Harper.
They look like such a happy family. LOVE!

Pink, Carey & baby Willow on their way to a shopping centre.
Pink is glowing and Carey is looking like a proud new dad!

Here is Kendra, Hank and the ridiculously adorable Hank Jr. hanging out at the park.
Hank Jr. sure looks like he is enjoying that popsicle. So cute!

Let us know, how did you spend your weekend?