Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Minute Could Cost You A Life

Today was one of the hottest so far this summer, with heat hitting about 38 degrees Celsius with the humidity. We beat the heat by hitting up the movies with our babies; the A/C was heavenly. During the movie, I realized I forgot to leave the windows open just a crack, in order for the car to not be overly hot for the kids when we left the theatre. When we did get back to the car, it was scorching in there. We opened the windows, while waiting for the A/C to kick in, which it never did (I really need to get that checked by the way). The whole drive home, I kept wondering how hot my son really was, and if he was as uncomfortable as I was. When I arrived to my destination he was cranky and sweaty. I will definitely be checking out that A/C situation asap. In the meantime, I was looking online for more info on babies being hot in cars and I came across a disheartening article.

According to, as of last week, 500 children have died unintentionally, since 1998 by being left in a hot car. The number is appalling, really. In 2010 alone, 49 children have died from heat stroke related to being left in the car too long. says this is "the highest number of fatalities in one year since the data has been tracked". As mentioned on the site, this type of tragedy could happen to anyone, but now is the time to educate yourself on ways to prevent this avoidable situation. Never leave your child in the car alone, even for one minute, you never know what could happen. One minute could cost you a life. Your child is the most precious, fragile cargo you will even carry in your car. Please click here to read more about this devastating issue and ways you can prevent this from ever happening to you.