Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Child Model Meltdown

Walking down a runway wearing fabulous clothing and lookin' drop dead gorgeous sounds like a dream job. It sounds easy too, but I am sure being a model is quite a tough job, especially when you're just a little kid. Check out these heartbreaking photos below of a teeny tiny model crying and walking the runway at the Smalto menswear show in Paris this week. I'm not sure how I feel about it. This kid looks absolutely miserable and makes me wonder if this was the work of a crazy stage mom who forced her little boy out there or an overzealous designer who was going to have this kid walk the runway tears or not.

He looked handsome, but oh so miserable!

Do you think he was overtired? Embarrassed to walk in front of all those people? Or simply, he didn't want to be there. I am not sure myself, but I do feel bad for the little guy. The grown up model on the other hand did a good of keeping his composure and professionalism, it didn't affect his walk one bit. If attention is what the designer was going for, he definitely succeeded.

Photos: Imaxtree