Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update: Necessity Or Just A Pain?

About a month ago, I posted on whether shopping cart covers were worth buying or just a pain in the you know what. Well I went with my own judgement and bought an Infantino one from Babies R Us. It was $30 and it features cute toys like a milk carton, apple and a farmer's food basket. It even has pockets on the back side for bottles or whatever and a pea pod back pillow, lol. This shopping cart cover can be used as a tummy time mat and a high chair cover for when you're at a restaurant. I won't be using it as a tummy mat (it will be in my trunk, ready to go at all times) but I like the idea of bringing it along to a restaurant, although it would get pretty dirty, pretty fast. Thankfully it's machine washable. I tested it out today at the grocery store and it was pretty easy to fit into the cart. The only "difficult" part was putting the safety strap through the metal bars in the seat and around Ki. I am sure the more I use it, the better I'll get at it. Ki was distracted and completely occupied by all the new toys, and that back pillow is great added comfort. I mean would you want to sit in a seat made of metal bars? Didn't think so! After all the groceries were put away, I simply rolled up the cover, fastened the velcro straps to keep it closed and put it in my truck. I would reccommend this item, buy it as a gift for someone and purchase again for my next child. I think it is definetly worth the money.