Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fashion Moms Unite for Good Cause - Baby2Baby

Fashion Moms unite! The other day, across the pond in California, a few fab fashion moms gathered at West Hollywood boutique, Jenni Kayne, to honor and raise funds for the charity Baby2Baby

Jenni Kayne, designer, and mom of 2 was happy to host the event. "I thought it would be a great excuse to throw a fun party and raise money for an amazing cause.”  She said.

Pregnant celeb moms, Jessica Alba and Rebecca Gayheart attended as well as new mom, stylist Rachel Zoe who came with her hubby Rodge and baby son Skyler.

Rachel Zoe, Jenni Kayne, Kelly Sawyer Patricof, Jessica Alba,
Norah Weinstein, and Jessica Iclisoy

Everyone made it out to the event to support Baby2Baby which is an amazing charity that supplies less-fortunate families in Los Angeles with all the important essentials they need for children ages 0-4. Baby2Baby collects, and distributes new and gently used items to those who truly need them, in order to help take some of the burden off their shoulders so they can focus on their goals, and moving forward in life.

Could you imagine a baby without basic essentials like food and diapers? We sure can’t, and neither can fashion mom Rachel Zoe. Here is what she had to say about the charity..

"Baby2Baby kind of means everything to me.” Rachel said. “It meant a lot to me before I had Skyler, but now that I have Skyler, the thought of these women and children who don't have food, who don't have diapers, who have never played with a toy . . . it's gut-wrenching."

Baby2Baby co-presidents Norah Weinstein, and Kelly Sawyer Patricof were also in attendance of course. These ladies are not only avid philanthropists. Norah is a hard working mompreneur who founded, a classified website just for moms, while Kelly is a model-turned-mom who works as creative director for Satine Boutique’s private label.

Kelly is also friends with fellow fashion mom Nicole Richie who is a Baby2Baby ambassador alongside Jessica Alba. “We take the basic necessities for granted, but for many families, it's a serious struggle.  This is one way to ease the financial burden, and help new babies have a good start in life.” Nicole said.

Nicole Richie, Kelly Sawyer Patricof, Jessica Alba & Norah Weinstein
at a previous Baby2Baby event

It’s nice to see all these famous mommies supporting this great cause and doing something positive for families in need. Check out Baby2Baby’s website to see how you can contribute as well.