Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Product Review - My Pal Scout by LeapFrog

I was given the opportunity, by the wonderful people at LeapFrog, to review My Pal Scout. Well not me, my son haha. The cute, cuddly super soft puppy is geared for babies and young toddlers between the ages of 6-36 months. LeapFrog is a leading toy company that is known for their interactive and educational toys, which is what every parent wants for their little one.

This little pup is way more then a cuddly friend. Scout connects to your computer so you can personalize him to know your child's name (it features a massive name list, and even had Kion's name, which isn't very common and surprised me) and his/her fave animal, color and food! You are also able to chose from a range of 30 lullaby's and fun songs, which even include Christmas songs! Perfect for the holiday season. When your child presses one of the pup's paws Scout will teach your young one things like daily routines, feelings and emotions, early number sense, first words, animals and even sings a song spelling out their name. And Scout's voice is super cute, not at all annoying like some toys. They even have a version for little girls, her name is Violet. This would be a great gift for a newborn or even a first birthday and at $24.99 it is totally worth it! So worth it, Joanna bought one for Jagger so he can join in on the fun too!

At first I thought Kion was a little too young to understand it, but he loves Scout's voice and Ki's face lights up when he says his name. I leave it in his crib so when he wakes up from a nap his pal is right there with him. He snuggles him, throws him around and presses his paws to hear all the different songs and games. I can see him getting to love Scout more and more as he gets older. And the great thing is, when he (or me) is bored with the songs you just have to connect it to the computer and choose new songs and when his pallet gets more developed, I can also change/add in his current fave food like sweet potato or peas (it currently says milk, lol). My Pal Scout is a really great, interactive toy. I love him and so does Kion.

Click here to see more of Scout's details, and stay tuned for an upcoming LeapFrog giveaway on Montreal Fashion Moms.

* Please note I was not monetarily compensated or influenced by the sponsor for this review. All opinions expressed here are my own.