Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'll Tumble For Ya

One of my biggest fears, post pregnancy, is falling while holding my son. Because of this fear I make sure to wear reasonable shoes just in case. Well today, I was put to the test... As I exited the elevator at Fairview Mall, while holding my son, I slipped on some water and fell down. It was so surreal. I recall feeling the slippery surface under my foot and a flash of my sons face come to my mind within milliseconds. I knew I couldn't fall backwards because that would hurt the both of us, so I contorted my body in such a way, I can't even explain, and cradled Kion's head in my chest and went down on my right knee and hip. I know it all happened so fast, but when I was going down it was slow motion. It's so funny how your motherly instincts kick in and you will do anything to protect your baby. I definitely took the brute of the fall, and walked away with a banged up, aching knee and a sore back. It felt a little reminiscent of Britney taking a tumble with her first son, except well I am not Britney, no one was there to catch me and I wasn't wearing heels lol. I am just glad my son is ok and I take my bruised knee as a badge of mommy honor.