Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rachel Zoe on Motherhood & Baby Boy Fashion

New mama, stylist, Rachel Zoe spares no expense when it comes to dressing her four-month-old son Skyler Morrison, in the latest designer fashions.  But what mom wouldn’t do for her child, what she would do for herself? Plus some!
Proud new mom, Rachel Zoe & son Skyler

On Wednesday, the 39-year-old fashion mom appeared in an interview with Juju Chang on ABC’s Nightline, where she gave a tour of her son’s luxurious nursery and walk-in closet. Rachel showed off Baby Skyler’s already extensive shoe collection that includes Tod’s loafers ,Gucci trainers and Hermes boots. The item Rachel was coveting the most was an adorable brown Gucci bomber jacket. She also showed off some cute knit Missoni sweaters gifted to her by her friend, Margherita Missoni. She recently told Popsugar, "The Missoni sweater on him — you have no idea — it melts my heart! And he sits in his little Missoni stroller with the Missoni blanket. I'm a Missoni lover."

Skyler's red carpet debut in his Missoni cardigan

Pretty over the top, yes. But do you really expect anything less from fashion obsessed Rachel Zoe?

In the Nightline interview, Zoe even reveals that she’s expanding her fashion empire. The stylist who has a women’s collection coming out this fall, and a QVC line that she launched earlier this year, announces that she’s also working on a children’s clothing line.

“it’s just so intriguing to me right now because dressing my son is the highlight of my day. In the morning it’s just so much fun ,” Zoe said of working on a kids collection.

Rachel says that the collection will focus strongly on boys clothing, since she feels like there just aren’t enough cute options for boys out there. I have to say, I agree with her on that one. I love dressing my son, and its true there aren’t a ton of great options for boys out there - at least not as many as for girls.

Check out this video to see the whole segment of Nightline with fashion mom Rachel Zoe.