Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Information Blanket

I came across this really cool charitable item on the Internet this afternoon. It is called the Information Blanket and it is just that, a blanket with helpful information plastered all over it. It was created to help new moms with basic newborn information all the while keeping their baby warm. It is intended for moms in under privileged regions, including Uganda, which unfortunately has one of the highest rates of infant mortality. In the future, they plan to provide the Information Blanket to parents of newborns in under-developed areas all over the world.

The information printed on the blanket covers the basics on feeding, immunization vaccinations, body temperature, warning signs of illness and even appropriate sizes for babies ranging in age from one to six months. Creator Neil Powell had this to say "Many parents of newborns lack the basic knowledge needed to properly care for their babies. Information such as feeding frequency, infant growth measurements, high temperature and vaccination scheduling are often not communicated or understood by these mothers.  The question became, what is the vehicle that could communicate this information in a unique, memorable way and is something that both baby and parent could use?" After brainstorming with his team, the information blanket was created. "We connected the dots from information to blanket and thus, the information blanket was born.  Every baby needs a blanket.  Every parent of a newborn need the basic information on how to care for their baby.  The Information Blanket provides both." Genius!

Click here to make a donation, or better yet buy one because for every blanket bought, one will be donated to a less privileged newborn in Uganda. The green-sensitive 100% soft and durable cotton blanket is perfect for your baby and also makes a fabulous gift. It is thoughtful, informative, useful, and best of all it gives back! 

We love this idea, and think it could help a lot of uninformed moms and babies.