Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are You A Chatterbox Mom?

Every mom has fears when it comes to parenting. Are they developing properly? Am I feeding them the healthiest food? Well I am no different, we all know about this fear of mine and my one of my other big fears is that I don't talk enough to my son. I mean I talk to him, but how do you know when it's enough?

I read this post about talking to your baby, which only heightened my fears about not talking enough to my son. According to this 30 year study, in very poor homes, children heard about 600 words per hour whereas in the home of more financially sound professional parents, they would hear an average of 2,100 words every hour. Now I feel really bad! I really don't think I get 600 words out of my mouth an hour. Seriously, do you? That seems like a lot. For me I don't think it has anything to do with my financial state, it still baffles me as to why I am so quiet. I remember being a teenager and I would be on the phone at all hours of the night and day, talking, talking, talking. For some reason when I got into my twenties that all changed. I became more reserved, less talkative and much more observant. I want the best for my son, and obviously want him to be successful, so I will do my best to talk more to him. Don't get me wrong, we play and interact all day long, dance, sing and go for walks, but to be honest sometimes I feel silly blabbing about non-sense to my son. I guess I need to let go of those weird feelings and start chatting! I am sure this is all paranoia and I am freaking myself out but I just had to vent. Thanks for listening, lol.

Do you talk a lot to your baby? What do you talk about?