Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Porsche Designs A.... Stroller?

Dads, finally a baby product that will let you shine while taking your baby for a stroll. Porsche designer extraordinaire, David Dawod has unveiled a new stroller for the luxury automaker. The P'4911 Stroller is uber masculine and sleek.

The stroller is made with carbon fiber, aluminum, leather, and ball-bearing wheels... how fancy. One of it's other major selling points for parents looking for a more luxurious stroller for their fabu lifestyle, is that the P'4911 folds so small that it can fit into the trunk of even the smallest Porsche. Wow... lol. My question is, where is the under carriage and the drink tray? Just 'cause you drive a Porsche doesn't mean you don't have to tote around a baby bag? Or does it. Oye. What do you think of this new, fancy shmancy stoller?