Friday, August 12, 2011

Fab Mama Heidi Klum Gives Hair Advice

Fabulous mama of 4 recently decided to shell out some advice to other moms on how to care for curly hair. Having curly hair myself I know it takes a certain skill to keep your hair from looking crazy, I am 25 and still learning. Both of us here at Montreal Fashion Moms have sons with curly hair so this advice will come in handy in the near future, thanks Heidi :) Here is what she had to say:

"Having four children, with one having straight hair and three curly, it's a bit of a new world for me. Growing up with straight hair myself, that was all I really knew how to work with. It was pretty straightforward: wash, air dry, done.
Henry, Johan and Lou — my three youngest — have super beautiful locks. Their hair definitely requires a different kind of care than my daughter Leni's hair. I've learned to never brush their curly hair when it's dry because then it'll frizz. I use lots of conditioner and detangler, and only go to hairdressers who really KNOW how to cut and style curly hair.
I've let my boys' hair grow really really long, and just recently they asked me to cut off their beautiful hair! It was funny because it was definitely harder for ME in some ways, as I absolutely love their hair! I'm their Mom — I've been the one to carefully brush and help them care for it all these years, but I do want them to be who they want to be. I think that's really important, to allow kids to express themselves — everything from the way they dress to how they want their hair. And now, that meant short.
And of course, it was not just simple short! They wanted mohawks with special designs to them, so I asked Lamar Odom who did his cool star-design buzz, and then contacted his stylist. He gave my kids these buzz cuts with amazing individual designs… great for the summer because they're COOL, in both senses of the word!"

Great advice from a super fun, fabulous mom of four. We love Heidi for being so normal and down to earth. And clearly an amazing mother!

Image Credit: Freddie Baez/