Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brooke Burke at MAGIC Convention Las Vegas

Yesterday, hot mom Brooke Burke made an appearance at the Sketchers Zen booth at the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show in Las Vegas. The previous winner and now co-host of Dancing With The Stars recently signed a two-year contract extension to continue as the face of the brand's Fitness products, including its Shape-ups Liv shoe and the Resistance ProSpeed running shoe.

"We're huge Brooke fans and we're delighted that she'll be part of the Skechers family for another two years. As both the career mom who sometimes wants a casual workout and the athletic enthusiast who at other times needs a serious run, she represents multiple Skechers Fitness customers in one complete package." says Sketchers president Michael Greenberg of their collaboration with Burke.

Looking tanned and beautiful as ever after her spending the past few days in St Barts marrying her long-time partner David Charvet, Brooke was quickly back to work in Las Vegas to promote the Skechers shoe brand, as well as her new book The Naked Mom.

The newly wedded Burke took time to meet fans and sign autographs at the Sketchers booth, and luckily enough, I was in town to attend!

Me (Joanna) & Brooke

The mom of 4 was very sweet. She was kind enough to give me two autographs, one for me and one for Yussie, she asked about Montreal Fashion Moms and even posed for a photo with me, even though she wasn’t really supposed to stop for photos with fans.

Be sure to check out her book The Naked Mom, in which Brooke shares the ups and downs of motherhood. She paints an honest picture of motherhood that all women can relate to, insisting that it's not about being right or wrong, it's about being your authentic, naked self. The Naked Mom is available at