Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Michelle Williams Graces The Cover Of Hobo Magazine

The gorgeous Michelle Williams graces the latest cover of hobo magazine. We've seen Michelle is countless films, and she is currently working on My Week with Marilyn, in which she reprises the role of the legendary Marilyn Monroe. But it seems acting isn't her dream for her future. She tells hobo, "I’m always trying to figure out what kind of life I want to live. What do I want to do? Where is the best place to be? How do I want to spend my time?" When you are such an accomplished actress I guess you can then choose when and how you want to leave the business, and what you want to pursue afterwards. She adds "I often dream of quitting acting. Walking away and becoming a laundress or a sous chef, or maybe writing other people’s love letters for a living Clearly, I don’t like to be in charge. And thinking of quitting is just keeping going in disguise. When you have options, anything is bearable. It’s when a situation is inescapable that it becomes hell. It seems to me that as soon as you get good at something, it is a sure sign that it is about to walk out of your life because it ceases to hold your mind and creative energy hostage."

Through it all, it seems her daughter Matilda is her number one priority and what matters to her most is being a good mom. "How do I live my life and work in a way that makes me the best parent I can be? I think it’s the ultimate creative act. If this doesn’t turn out well then there is no success or awards in the world that can make up for it. So I’m always wondering what that balance is, and where it is." She is great actress, a strong women and an amazing women. Whether she becomes a laundress or a sous chef or whatever she decides, I'm sure she'll be amazing at it. There's nothing not to love about Michelle Williams.

Image: Mark Segal