Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Suri Cruise Is Way To Young For Red Lipstick

I just came across this picture of Suri Cruise out and about in NYC. All I can think of, when I see these pics, is why the hell is Suri Cruise wearing lipstick? She is FIVE years old. I think it's totally creepy. I know little girls love to put on their mommy's makeup, but usually they have no choice but to wash it all off before they step one little toe out of the house. Suri drinks coffee, refuses to wear coats in the winter, is spotted wearing heels more often then not and now red lipstick. Ugh. Red lips are usually associated with being sexy and it really creeps me out. Also, doesn't it look like someone else put in on for her? Like there's not one smudge... oy.

I really wish parents would put more effort in letting children be children. It's such a short period in their lives, and there really is no reason to speed the process up even more. Do you think it's weird or is she just being a kid?

Image: Spalsh News