Friday, September 2, 2011

The Boy with Pink Hair

Today, celeb gossip blogger, Perez Hilton released a new children’s book called The Boy With Pink Hair. The story, as its name suggests, is about a boy that has shocking, cotton candy colored hair that nobody had ever seen before. Through the staring, teasing and bullying, the young boy continues to persevere and follow his dreams with the love and support of his family and friends who appreciate him for who he is.

"The story is about every kid that's ever had a dream, felt excluded, wanted to belong, and hoped that one day they could do what they loved and make a difference." Perez said.

The book celebrates individuality and self-acceptance, and that’s definitely a storyline I could get behind. While Perez doesn’t necessarily seem like type to be a children’s book author, I have to admit, I do love me some Perez, and think the moral of his story is an important one. I look forward to checking this book out. If you’re interested too, visit