Saturday, May 21, 2011


Welcome to Montreal Fashion Moms!

We are Joanna and Yussie, two best friends & business partners from Montreal who share a passion for fashion and parenting.

We began blogging in November of 2009 with a fashion blog called Montreal Fashion Minds, that we really enjoyed, but once we both became pregnant in 2010, we decided to take a hiatus from the blog.

After entering the wonderful world of motherhood, we are no longer sipping champagne and snapping photos of models on the runways... no, no, we are wiping drool, changing stinky diapers and cuddling our beautiful baby boys, Jagger and Kion, while trying to stay just as fabulous as before. So, we decided to bring our new love of parenting to the blogosphere, and start this new sister-site blog, Montreal Fashion Moms, where we can share our passion for parenting with other modern moms.

Yussie & Kion ................................................................ Joanna & Jagger

Our goal with this blog is to give fabulous, fashionable moms a place to go for fun and informative news on kids and parenting; including local events and activities, celebrity mom gossip, kids fashion, product reviews and recommendations, our own personal experiences being moms and much, much more. We want to prove that being fabulous does not stop once you become a mom, it has only just begun.

We look forward to this special journey of motherhood, and taking you along for the ride.

Please keep coming back for all the latest new and updates at Montreal Fashion Moms!

xox Joanna & Yussie xox