Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Date Night

After having a baby, date nights and carefree adventures with your significant other become somewhat obsolete. Sometimes even the thought of planning and executing a night away from your child is just downright exhausting. Babysitter or family member? Did I pack the bottles? Finding his fave toys to put in the baby bag. Should I bring his bouncy seat over? Opps I forgot his extra set of PJs (because you never know). See what I mean? Ugh so many things to think about.

Tonight I took the initiative and got my friend and my child's future godmother to watch my son, while me and my other half went to see a movie. Cheapy Tuesday, yes that's how we roll, new parents are on a budget, lol. While I sat in my seat munching popcorn I wondered how Ki was doing and if he missed me, oh geez I am such a sap. After obsessively thinking about him for 10 minutes, I found my man's hand, held it tight and let my mind be free of baby thoughts for about 2 hours. It was really, really nice. On the way out we contemplated sneaking into another movie, as we would have done with no hesitation prior to baby. Then we shook our heads and headed back home to get our son.

Our friend let us know he had a meltdown, refused his bottle, screamed bloody murder and overworked himself so much he feel asleep in just a diaper. Her voice drowned out as I stood there staring at my sleeping angel. I thought to myself, date nights are special and definitely necessary for the health of your relationship, but God do I love coming home and seeing my precious boy.

Do you get out for date nights? Monthly, weekly, randomly? Let us know how you unwind with your partner.