Saturday, May 21, 2011

Awesome Local Discovery

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take advantage of the nice weather here in Montreal, since the past week has been gloomy and rainy. I knew my mom had an eye doctors appointment in NDG so I tagged along with Kion, my sister and my brother. The second we got on the highway all hell broke loose, instead of the instant nap the car gives my son, he went buck wild and screamed his head off from the West Island all the way to NDG. Half way down Sherbrooke I told my mom to stop the car, I took my son out of the car seat and told my fam I would meet them at the eye doctor place in a few. I thought the air and walk would for sure calm him down, I couldn't have been more wrong! There I was sweating, on the brink of a minor panic attack holding my screaming son as I walked up Sherbrooke street. His meltdown was hard on us both as I wasn't sure what the problem was... was it the heat? New diaper maybe? Is he hungry?? Ahh! I searched for some sort of santuary for us, when I stumbled upon a lovely store with baby gear in the window and a small sign in the front window saying "Don't think of it as a woman's right to breastfeed. Think of it as a baby's right to eat" Perfect.

I went in and quietly asked the women working in the store if there was back room I could feed my son discreetly. She said of course with such enthusiasm, which I was confused by at the time, and followed her to a cute little room with A/C and lovely white couches to sit on. I fed my son, he feel asleep and I was beyond relieved. I walked out a little while later with my sleeping baby and looked around. I saw lots of women and babies and I stopped at the cash and said "So what is this place?" She then let me know it was a breastfeeding center. I literally laughed out loud and couldn't believe in my panic stricken search for a good place to feed my son I stumbled upon a breastfeeding center of all places! I spent the remainder of my afternoon snacking on a bagel and juice box, chatting with other new moms while my little munchkin played in a excersaucer. This lovely spot is called Melons & Clementines (hehehe great name).

Owners Renée Boudreau and Marie-Maude Grenier

This is Montreal's first boutique specializing in breastfeeding products, which includes a cafe and play area for the babies. They even host workshops and exercise classes. I couldn't believe what an amazing discovery I found, thanks to my son's meltdown. On their website they say "Their ultimate wish to normalize breastfeeding is to ensure the developmental continuum for a healthier society." I'm down with that! It was such an amazing experience, and the owners Renée and Marie-Maude are the sweetest people you could meet. Check out the website, and if you're breastfeeding your son or daughter, stop by for a coffee, chat with other moms, check out their amazing products, sit back and relax in an environment suited for your breastfeeding needs.
5659 Sherbrooke Ouest (between Oxford et Harvard)

Check out the website for more details, or contact them here

And don't forget whenever you see this sign, the International Breastfeeding Symbol it means you can to walk in, feed your baby and leave, no hassle no stress. Good to know, because I didn't until yesterday :)