Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Beginnings!

Hi Montreal Fashion Mom friends! 

As you know by now, Montreal Fashion Moms has been on hiatus through 2013, but with the new year upon us, we are so excited to announce that we are BACK!

2013 has been an amazing year for us, growing our families and spending that precious quality time with our newest bundles of joy. Those experiences have given us even more to talk about! With the last year off, we are just exploding with new things to share with you and we can’t wait!

Expect lots of great new things from Montreal Fashion Moms this year! Look out soon for a complete blog makeover with a fashionable new design. We’re also coming back to you with even more quality posting on Motherhood, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and more!

The New Year is always a great time to feel motivated, set new goals and resolutions so we’re dedicating this post to doing just that! We all have goals, but most of them are vague ideas that just float in our conscious thought most of the time, but we've learned that a great way of accomplishing anything is to write it down or tell someone. When it’s written down, or out there in the public, the goal becomes more concrete. There is also that added pressure to follow through, because it’s so much easier to secretly let yourself down than to tell a friend and not follow through. 

Goals are such an important part of moving ourselves forward, so here are a few of our new year’s resolutions we’d like to share with you:

Healthier lifestyle – So many people make resolutions to lose weight, go on crash diets, and start hitting up the gym just for it all to end come the end of January. We’d like to commit to just living a healthier lifestyle because it’s so important to feel good for ourselves and our family. We would love to start juicing, learning some great new healthy recipes and find more fun ways to exercise.

Get organized – organization is definitely a key to success, so one of our goals is to really get organized. Not just physically in our homes and offices, but, write things down and do more scheduling to really commit to getting all these goals accomplished.

Read more books – Both of us love to read and educate ourselves, but we admittedly do it mostly online. We’re not huge fans of fiction, we prefer to read more informative, educational type writing, but often on the internet we get distracted by other things. Sometimes it’s important to rid ourselves of those distractions, grab a nice hot coffee or tea, and sit down with a great book or even a magazine.

Engage with no distraction – In a world where we are constantly connected, its important to try our best to disconnect, stop working, put down the phone, turn off the computer and simply engage with our children, our partners, our friends our family etc. It’s important to make those one-on-one connections.

Be fearless in fashion – A lot of times we see new styles and trends that we love but think we, ourselves can’t pull that look off. Well, it never hurts to try and you might just be pleasantly surprised! Take a risk, wear it with confidence, and you might just slay that new look!

And finally, our number 1 New Year’s resolution this year is to be better bloggers and to build back our relationship with you, our readers, and to bring you more content you’ll love.

Joanna & Yussie bringing in the New Year

Now that we've written our resolutions down and shared them with you, our friends, we've got to commit! So stays tuned for blog updates on these resolutions and more, and let us know in the comments what your 2014 resolutions are, because we would love to hear from you and work on those goals together!

Looking forward to a fabulous new year with you all - full of family, fashion, health, happiness and tons of success!


Joanna and Yussie

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