Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jessica Simpson: Star of Her Own 2014 Collection

Superstar and supermom Jessica Simpson is the star of her own 2014 ‘Jessica Simpson Collection’ ad campaign, and all I can say is wow! The hot, hot mama is absolutely gorgeous showing off her new Weight Watchers body in a sexy white bathing suit.  Jessica is wearing the strapless one-piece from her upcoming collection and she told People magazine “This swimsuit is feminine and a little retro in its detailing. It’s very sexy, but it still leaves something to the imagination. And the shape is incredibly flattering.” I couldn't agree more, not only is it flattering, it’s definitely something I could see myself rocking this summer or perhaps on my destination wedding this coming fall!  (Speaking of that, maybe I should be looking into my own WW plan, ha!)

Not only does she look truly happy, her body is flawless! Apart from the bathing suit shots, you can see her looking very stylish in super cute dresses that we can all rock this summer. I really love that stays true to herself as a woman and as a mother. I also recently started following her on Instagram and you can just see how real she is and how much she loves her kiddos, just like us “real” moms, her feed is pretty much all about her kids and I couldn't love her more for it. 

What do you ladies think of her new line? Could you see yourself if any of these looks?