Sunday, February 12, 2012

Design Your Own Dress at UnitedStyles

Have you ever found yourself looking for the perfect dress, but just can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in store? Wishing you had the power and sewing skills to create your own designs, but simply do not have the talent or time to do it? Well, we’ve found a solution for that, and it’s called UnitedStyles!

This amazing new site is every fashionista’s dream! It allows you to create and purchase your very own designs! And you don’t need a degree in design either because UnitedStyles offers a bunch of pre-made templates with an array of different necklines, sleeves, trims, prints and colors that you can mix and match to create an ensemble  just for you. The design process is simple; all you need is a little time and your fabulous ideas! Just be warned, the design process is so fun and easy that it may become addictive. Personally, I had a tough time deciding which design I wanted to order after creating so many!

The best part about UnitedStyles is that these fabulous one of a kind designs come to you at a completely affordable price! (Something we moms always appreciate). Pieces range from $49.95 to $129.95 with flat rate international shipping fees to ANYWHERE in the world! Plus if you purchase more than one item, shipping is free!

I decided to design a top that I could wear for spring. I looked to spring color trends and this Spring 2012 Salvatore Ferragamo look for inspiration. I just love the off the shoulder neckline and the mix of purple and  coral colors on my design.

I’ll be looking forward to the next time someone asks where I got my top from so I can smile and say, “I designed it!” What do you think?

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