Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ABOL Eco Couture

Our third and final show at Montreal Fashion Week was ABOL. The Vancouver native showed her “eco couture” line in Montreal for the first time. The collection, named “dream” was influenced by Surrealism and included haute couture wedding gowns, gowns, corsets, jackets and skirts. Each piece is a translation of images and ideas from paintings and sculptures into wearable art.

“I’m creating a collection where each piece has an identity, defining a certain character to existence out of something that’s in [my mind],” says Abol. “That’s surrealism.”

All of Abol’s pieces are made mainly from raw organic wool and reclaimed silk in her studio in Vancouver, BC, so she not only designs and makes the clothes, she makes the fabrics! Impressive! The Eco-friendly designer even visits the farms herself from time-to-time to examine the sheep and ensure the method is safe and animal friendly. She prides herself on collecting raw wool from local farms, supporting the Canadian market and ensuring that the quality of the material is top notch. Even her dyes are environmentally friendly and obtained from boiled onion skins and other organic sources. Talk about a conscious designer!

The enchanting looks on the runway consisted of a color palette of rich neutrals like beige, white, brown, black and gold as well as shades of burnt orange and purple. The models had distinguished Victorian-inspired hair and makeup with dark smokey eyes and contrasting pale lips with their hair in large, theatrical, teased up-dos. The look provided a luxurious and mysterious aesthetic that truly spoke to Abol’s artistic inspiration. There was certainly an element of fantasy and royalty in the presentation with creative, whimsical pieces that looked as if they came straight out of a fairytale.

If you’re in the market for amazing, one-of-a-kind dresses or an eco-friendly bridal gown, be sure to check out Abol’s website. Her romantic designs can be quite costly, but if you value the quality and uniqueness of her handmade pieces, they will be worth every cent!

Abol’s presentation was a great way to end our evening at Montreal Fashion Week. "As far as I'm concerned, Montreal is No. 1 for fashion in Canada," Hamideh Abol said and we couldn’t agree more! À la prochain!

Photos: Hugo Trottier - Superstarphotos