Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Mom Advice from Kelly Sawyer

Back in July, Nicole Richie opened up her blog to her fans for a Q & A session with her good friend Kelly Sawyer, a fellow fashion mom whom she looks to for advice on motherhood. 

Then, Kelly answered our question on how to balance work and family life all while remaining fabulous and fashionable, and now Kelly is back answering more fan questions.  This time, on a similar note, I asked Kelly how she handled heading back to work after maternity leave. I will be going back to work in just a few short weeks after a wonderful year off with my little man, and it’s just hard to believe that I will be back on the grind full time and away from my son for most of the week.

Dear Kelly,
After giving birth to your children, how long were you off on maternity leave, and how did you feel/cope with having to go back to work. I have 2 months left before my son heads to daycare full time and I’m back to work. I’m kind of dreading it.


Dear Joanna,
I am lucky that I have a pretty flexible schedule & create my own hours but everyone dreads leaving their child and I completely understand how you are feeling. I can say that as much as it is difficult to balance working and being a Mom I really enjoy what I do and makes sure to make the time I do have with my kids very special. You’ll get back into the swing of things on the work front– it may just take a little time to adjust. Just remember, you’re doing the best you can!


This is great advice. I completely agree that is definitely helps to love what you do when all that time is being spent away from your family. And Kelly is right! All of us moms working or not, must always remember that we are doing the best we can.

Check out Nicole’s blog here to read more great advice from this fab fashion mom of 2, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your own questions for Kelly!