Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kendra and Baby Hank shop Old Navy for Halloween

Kendra Wilkinson and her beautiful baby boy Hank IV recently went on a Halloween shopping spree at Old Navy. The adorable duo searched through affordable two piece costumes, all under $20 and colorful felt totes to prepare little Hank for Halloween. After much consideration, Kendra and Hank decided on a cuddly Shark Costume and Pumpkin Bag, perfect for Trick or Treating.

We think they made a great choice shopping for Halloween at Old Navy, because we did too! Their costumes are super cute, totally affordable and best of all their performance fleece makes them very warm – perfect for the cold weather here in Montreal! So, if you haven’t already picked up your kid’s costume, be sure to check them out! They’re even on mega discount now since Halloween is fast approaching.

And if you look closely you can even catch a sneak peak of our sons’ costumes in the above photo! :)