Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ciara Bumpin It Up!

Ever since announcing her pregnancy back in January on The View, Ciara has not been shy about giving her fans a glimpse into her pregnancy lifestyle. Her Instagram is chalk full of photos of her ever growing baby bump and I have to say, she is seriously the cutest person alive. Not only is she fresh faced the majority of the time (and dayum is she gorgeous!) but she is rocking her belly like no other! 

Looking cute rockin her baby bump!
She even gave us a look into her babyshower which had other fabulous mommy guests like Lala Vazquez and Kim Kardashian.

Baby Shower Fabulousness!

But for the real fun, check out this beyond adorable video of Ciara and her dad getting their groove on! I mean, seriously, this has to be the cutest daughter dad duo, ever. LOL.

I'm really loving how well she is embracing her pregnancy and just how fabulous and positive she has been looking lately. Be sure to check out her Instagram for even more videos and photos.