Friday, March 21, 2014

Isaac Mizrahi x Kleenex

You know a brand is a true innovator with a long standing history in the industry when the Products they created are more often referred to by Brand Name rather than their actual name. Like Kleenex! (Does anyone really just ask for a facial tissue?). 

Well, this year the Kleenex brand is celebrating their 90th anniversary! And to commemorate this amazing milestone, the brand is elevating its passion for design by partnering with fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi to introduce four new and unique designs to the Kleenex Expressions line of products! 

“Innovation has been a critical element to my personal success as a designer and something that is at the crux of the Kleenex brand and its design philosophy,” said Mizrahi. “The brand has an impressive history of design and it’s an honor to be included in the celebration of this important moment in time."

As a staple, in just about everyone’s homes, Kleenex has often pulled design inspirations from trends in home décor, but for a change, these fresh new Kleenex designs by Mizrahi are driven by the latest trends in fashion!  

I love that the outside design of each Kleenex box is just as important to the brand as the quality of the product itself, because they know that we want designs that will fall seamlessly into our home décor look or that speak to our own personal style. Who knew cleaning the makeup off your face after a long day, or wiping the boogers off your kid’s runny nose could be so fashionable?

These fresh new contemporary designs are perfect for spring if you want to add that seasonal touch to your home and also offers us fashion-lovers an affordable, high-quality designer accessory that we can enjoy on the daily.

The new designs have already started rolling out to stores this month, so be on the lookout the next time you go shopping!

Which is your favourite design?