Friday, February 7, 2014

Jenny Is Back On The Block!

Jenny is back on the block! 

Sexy mom J-Lo debuted the video for her latest hit "Same Girl" and while I like the video, I'm not so convinced that she really is that same girl. In the video Jenny poses with her 'friends', strolls down the streets of the Bronx and even hops on the train just like the good old days. Only difference is the designer clothes and jewelry that, without a doubt, cost more than my yearly salary. Don't get me wrong, she worked hard to get to where she is and should be proud, but then why boast about being that same Jenny from the block? Why not accept that you've grown and become a different person? I mean, none of us are the same girl we were 10 years ago, hell I'm not the same girl I was 2 years. Motherhood, careers, living life: it changes you and for the better I might add! 

"This was probably the craziest thing I've done in my career of music and movies," Lopez said. “I called my girlfriends and some photographer friends. We just grabbed a camera, jumped on the train, left the city and ran around the Bronx. We found some interesting places that captured the essence of what it was like to live there and made me remember the simplicity of life I used to have there. The rest was real life." That does sound super fun though. Who doesn't like reminiscing with old girlfriends, right? Regardless of the fact that she might be having a mid-life crisis, we can't deny that she looks amazing! I'm talking super fantastic, gorgeous, flawless type of amazing. I am in love every single look from the video, hot hot hot! 

Check out the video below and tell me, do you think she's just the "Same Girl"?