Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ludacris Launches Children’s Website with Daughter

Wow! What an awesome dad! Just in time for the holidays, Rapper Chris Bridges, better known as Ludacris, gifted his 10 year-old daughter with her very own educational websiteKarma’s World. The super cute site is filled with games, stories and songs for kids in grade 1 through 6 that cover a variety of subjects including geography, math, science and social studies. Karma, who’s just as passionate about music as her dad, even wrote and recorded all the songs featured on the website including “Fractions” and “Manners”, (My son is only 1 year old so he can't play the games, but he is already enjoying the music!)

“[Karma] absolutely loves [the site]. I [keep] telling her people not only from around the country but around the world are listening to her songs and looking at her website and she’s just like, ‘Really?’” Bridges told BET. “[But] she’s more focused on the fact that Justin Bieber said congratulations to her more than anything else. That’s all she really cares about right now.”

Karma’s fun and educational website also features cool characters named L’il Luda (after dad, of course) and Smartacus and even offers fun lesson plans parents and teachers can download for their elementary school-aged children.

The website’s goal is to “help children understand that learning is fun and can take place in school, at home or anywhere in the world they go as long as they remain curious, open-minded, hard-working and compassionate.”

What a fabulous idea! Congrats to Karma and her dad on the website launch!