Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Yussie!

To my dearest friend Yussie,

What better day than your birthday to tell you how much you mean to me. We’ve been friends now for 5 years, yet it seems like a lifetime. From the moment we met, I was already ready to call you my best friend. We had the same interests, the same goals, the same thoughts, the same fashion sense, we even looked the same! It was a match made in friendship heaven. We’ve grown a lot together over the years; graduating from school (twice), creating two successful blogs, achieving career goals, and best of all, becoming mothers. It has been a blessing to have you by my side through all these wonderful milestones in my life, and it’s been a pleasure to share all these meaningful moments with you. You are a smart, talented and kind woman, a great mother and a wonderful friend.  I wish you nothing but the best on your birthday, because you truly deserve it. I hope this year brings you even more happiness and success than the last. I look forward to many more years of celebrations together. As us Jews say, till 120! Stay fabulous! I love you!! Xox


"If I had one gift that I could give you, my friend, it would be the ability to see yourself as others see you, because only then would you know how extremely special you are."