Friday, November 4, 2011

Chanel Launches Online Games for Kids

Do you want to share your love of fashion with your kids? Well, Chanel has launched a fun interactive website called Culture Chanel to accompany an exhibit they're hosting in Beijing. The site will walk you through the exhibition, giving you a fabulous history lesson on origins of Chanel and best of all it has a kids section with fun interactive games.

In the ‘kid’s space’ you have the choice between the digital coloring book, where you can custom-color various classic Chanel staples like a camellia, a hat or blazer or you can play a classic symbol matching game with Chanel iconography like the lion’s head, the number 5 or the five-pointed star. To get started simply go to the website, click "English" (if you prefer), then click "Kid's Space" at the bottom et voila! Fun fashion games! What better way to improve your child’s memory or aesthetic skills? (or know you wanna try it! Lol)

Check out a few of my designs, and let me know what you think!